Living Water Church Redfern

Lasting Change and Eternal Hope

Living Water Church is a place where anyone can find lasting change and eternal hope through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Living Water, we are committed to creating an environment and church expression that connects and partners with our local Indigenous community. We prioritise respect, safety, community and unity, as we teach and share our love of Jesus.

We are a group of people who gather to learn from the Bible, pray and seek to live out the good news of Jesus in the community of Redfern.

Our goal is to see more and more people in Redfern meet Jesus and know His love for them. There are three goals we are focusing on for the future of Living Water:

  1. To have greater contact with the local community and to share the good news of Jesus and how a relationship with him changes lives.
  2. To see local Indigenous and non-Indigenous Christians serving in partnership in all areas of our church life.
  3. To see a new generation of Indigenous Christians raised and equipped to lead churches and reach First Nations people with the good news of Jesus.
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Phil has spent the majority of his life in church ministry. He loves to have one-on-one Bible conversations especially over a coffee. He is also the Acting Lead Pastor preaching regularly and walking alongside many of our Indigenous congregants.


Fili once played rugby league professionally for South Sydney. Fili is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with the range of people he meets in the Redfern community. He also enjoys explaining what the Bible says about Jesus at some of our Saturday services.

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Bridget has a great respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and loves to share the gospel with them. Her particular focus is with youth and young adults. She is also a youth group leader.


Terrance will be commencing study this year at Youthworks to grow his understanding of Jesus. He loves to connect with all age groups, especially youth. He is keen to do life with them and show how Jesus loves each one of them.

Support Living Water

Giving ensures that we are able to continue our work amongst the people of Redfern.

In particular, it will better equip us to walk alongside and share the good news of Jesus with the local indigenous community with a focus on indigenous youth.