Living Water Fundraiser

Living Water is a church plant of ENC, reaching the indigenous community in Redfern.

At the start of November, Living Water held a fundraiser to raise support to take on Terrence, an indigenous trainee from South Australia, and to undertake a project to open the front of the church to the street, so that more people can walk into the church. The entrance is currently around the side of the building and some people do wander in, but it would be great to make the church more accessible and visible.

The fundraising dinner was a wonderful evening of hearing about indigenous ministry across Australia from Uncle Neville of Bush Church Aid, and specifically in Redfern from the Living Water team. We heard how the youth group has grown from a handful of kids to 30 lively boys, and how Fili is building trust with those families in the community. 

They have raised over $39,300 so far.

Please continue to pray for the good news of the gospel to reach those living in Redfern.

Two of the beautiful paintings in the ‘silent auction’ by Carlie, a member of Living Water, at the fundraising dinner.