ENC Necessitous Circumstances Fund

The ENC Tax Deductible Fund is a Necessitous Circumstances Fund administered by ENC. All funds donated are used to assist people who are of necessitous circumstances in the communities where ENC operates.

ENC works within the ATO regulations which specify appropriate use of these funds. See https://www.ato.gov.au/businesses-and-organisations/not-for-profit-organisations/getting-started/in-detail/types-of-dgrs/l-z/necessitous-circumstances-fund

Donors can indicate the broad category of persons whom they wish their donation to assist: Indigenous Australians (Living Water in Redfern), Marginalised communities (Berkeley) and Migrant communities (such as are assisted by Emerge in SW Sydney).  However, donors can not specify any particular individual or family when making the donation.

As per the ATO regulations, ENC reserves the right to apply the DGR donation to any appropriate need within the category.

ENC reserves the right close the fund if annual limits are reached.

For further information on the operation of the DGR fund, please contact ENC.