Recommended Resources


Books to help you share your story and the Gospel and make connections to outsiders

  • Telling the Gospel through Storytelling by Christine Dillon - this can also be used alongside the training videos
  • Making Faith Magnetic by Dan Strange
  • Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt
  • Know and Tell the Gospel: Help for the Reluctant Evangelist by John Chapman
  • Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman

Bible Studies

Bible studies to do with your interested friend

  • Uncovering the Life of Jesus (6 studies in Luke) by Rebecca Manley Pippert
  • Discovering the Real Jesus (7 studies in John)
  • The Word One to One - Studies in John’s gospel that are divided into chapters so each study deals with progressive chapters of John’s gospel

Church Training

How to train your church in evangelism

  • Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice
  • Stay Salty (book) and Empower (DVD set) by Rebecca Manley Pippert
  • Just Start Talking (DVD and workbooks or digital videos and e-books) by Evangelism and New Churches
  • Specifically for Roman Catholic friends: Talking with Catholics about Jesus by Mark Gilbert, Simon Cowell and Chris Overhall


Good courses to invite your unbelieving friends to

Tract & Booklets

Great tracts and small books to give away that explain the Gospel

  • The Godforsaken God (downloadable PDF tract)
  • Not Just Another Christmas by Dave Gobbett (tract)
  • Is Christmas Believable? by Rebecca McLauchlin (60 page booklet)
  • What Is a Christian? by Dave Jensen (short booklet) 'God made it, We broke it, God fixed it'
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ by Paul Washer (28 page booklet) Explains the meaning of the gospel for a new Christian or someone investigating what being a Christian will mean for them
  • 7 reasons to (Re)consider Christianity by Ben Shaw (slightly longer book, but very easy to read)