Sarah Seabrook

Sarah Seabrook is a trainer, speaker and evangelist, willing to partner with churches to increase their effectiveness and passion for evangelism


Sarah Seabrook

Sarah Seabrook is a trainer, consultant and speaker who is passionate about working with Sydney Anglican churches to make the most of the spheres of influence and connection that parishioners have with their community.

To this end, after consultation with a church, Sarah can run whole church or small group sessions in sharing the gospel conversationally, being equipped in testimony giving and implementing the 'next steps' required to give confidence and competence in gospel outreach. She is also available to give talks and to consult with leaders about how to raise the evangelistic efforts of their churches.


Sarah engages in a variety of ways to enthuse and encourage evangelism in local Sydney churches. She was the topical speaker alongside Archdeacon Kara Hartley at the inaugural Women in Ministry Regional Conferences on the topic of 'Mission in our backyard', utilising the NCLS data to help explain the gaps in our approach to outreach and how to fill them.

Sarah holds outreach training sessions in churches, speaks at the ENC evangelism conference and other evangelistic events, and shares her insights at Moore College among students training for ministry.

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