Park Rail Anglican Church

A church in the community

Park Rail Anglican Church was planted to reach the 7500 people who have had no access to a church in Albion Park Rail.

Park Rail Anglican Church is a God-focused community. All are welcome!

Park Rail Anglican Church was planted to reach the 7500 people who didn't have access to a church in the area. The church is growing and most of the congregants have been converted from the community or surrounds.

“Park Rail is a low socioeconomic area and characteristically Anglican churches have not thrived in these conditions, but we’ve been very encouraged by the growth both numerically and spiritually. In a low socioeconomic area, the currency of the community is relationships. In general, families are fractured and blended and we see more dysfunction in people’s lives than in middle-class areas. Due to the currency of relationships and damage in people’s lives, we do not run group Bible studies but rather one-to-one discipling that increases honesty and accountability.” – Neil Scott


Support Park Rail Anglican Church

“We would love people to partner with us both prayerfully and financially because we’ve seen a model of church flourish in a low socioeconomic area and we’re thinking that in the next three years we’d like to plant another church in the Illawarra. We would employ a tentmaker to come in and join the church for two years to see how it runs and then go and plant another church in a neighbouring suburb.” – Neil Scott