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Chinese one-room church planting to make disciples for multiplication and transformation of the community, as well as mentorship for Moore Theological College students for better evangelism and discipleship outcomes.

We want to see the gospel of Jesus in grace and truth to transform the culture, values and life of the Chinese people in the community. We want to make Chinese disciples who can reach out in their own social and family network to share the good news of Jesus and make other disciples. We want to form the one-room church that has three-thirds of Stop, Listen and Go in our gatherings to nurture fellowship and accountability, to be centred on the Word of God with discussions and sharing, and to encourage action in our daily Christian lives.

We are eager to see this simple form of church be multiplied in the community to make more disciples for Jesus.

We also want to challenge Moore Theological College students in both theory and practice for evangelism and discipleship through mentoring, training, vision casting and partnership with campus ministry for hands-on practices. This is with the purpose of raising up warm hearts, clear heads, and ready hands leaders for the future of Chinese ministry in Sydney and beyond.

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Tom Zhang

Tom originally came from China, became a disciple of Jesus through campus ministry in Sydney and was always interested in discipleship and disciple-making. He later came to Moore College to be equipped with a good Biblical foundation in making disciples, and personally see that evangelism and discipleship should go together in bringing up mature disciples for Jesus to fulfil the Great Commission.

After College, Tom came to Chester Hill Anglican Church as an evangelist and caught their vision to reach all nations in the South West through disciple-making communities.

During Covid, the church was established small churches (one-room church) as a better way to mature people in the epidemic and reach out to all nations. As a result, Tom became the Chinese ministry leader at Chester Hill to multiply small churches. At the same time, ENC supports him to cast the vision of this multicultural ministry initiative at Moore College to the students to raise up future leaders. Now, after the Covid, the one-room Chinese church is still standing and had been grew in both numbers and maturity. Tom believes this form of the church has the potential to be multiplied in the community and reach out to a lot of Chinese people that are not used to come and join the traditional churches.

Support Chinese Ministry

One-room church is an easy form for lay people to lead, has the potential to reach out to many people in the community through social and family networks, and communicate the gospel clearly to different subcultures of Chinese people who rarely come to visit traditional church.

It also has the potential for church planting in the South West to reach out to many cultures in different languages and people groups. It is a new way of thinking about the church planting that was evidenced in the Acts before the institution of churches.

If you want to see how this new form of church can be used and multiplied for the Kingdom of God, please kindly support us in both prayer and giving.

Your giving will mainly support Tom in his family and ministry needs to realize this idea of one-room church at Chester Hill for Chinese ministry and to influence Moore College students with an open mind for the future of the Chinese ministry.

Your investment and prayer will help Tom and his team to reach out to the local Chinese community under God’s grace for a transformation of the people in their daily lives to live out for Jesus and share the good news to a wide Chinese community in the South West.