Some Encouragements from David Robertson

My view of evangelism is that it is impossible to operate on a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) basis.  

It is impossible to quantify the fruit from the Word as data.  Only the Lord knows those who are his (2 Timothy 2:19).  

But we need to operate on the promise that there will be fruit – God’s word will not return to him empty (Isaiah 55:11).  

Personally, I have no doubt about that.  But because the fruit is not quantifiable that does not mean it is not qualitative. By their fruit you shall know them (Matthew 7:16). The quality of the fruit is eventually seen.    

I was reminded of that after a recent meeting – where a couple came up to me and thanked me because their daughter had heard me at a youth meeting at the Katoomba convention four years ago. They said it was life changing and that she was now serving in a Christian organisation.  

Of course, I knew nothing about that. Praise the Lord!