Lake Illawarra Community Church

“What impressed me about Jesus as I read about him, was that he took people who were completely broken and made them whole again, this was an important thing to learn about Jesus because I knew that I wasn’t living a good life and I knew I desperately needed the type of healing that Jesus was offering”.

John Delezio pic

John Delezio

John Delezio had a massive career change in his 40s; after owning a successful business, he decided to do an MTS Blue Collar apprenticeship for 3 years.

After his apprenticeship, he was involved in a variety of ministries and worked in parish ministry at Church@The Peak for 5 years, as well as in SRE.

In January 2023, John started to plant a church in Warilla North, a marginalised community, with a high percentage of people in generational unemployment. He is looking forward to sharing the hope of Jesus with these people.

Pray that God opens the door to key Christian leaders in the community who through their personal networks, have an extensive list of people in mind that they want to invite to hear the Gospel.