Real World Questions, Real Word Answers

ASK is about evangelism. We want to encourage non-Christians (and Christians) to take up Jesus’s beautiful invitation to ask, seek and knock.

Real World Questions. Real Word Answers.

ASK is based around the simple commands of Jesus in Matthew 7:7-8 to ask, seek and knock. We want to encourage non-Christians (and Christians) to take up Jesus’s beautiful invitation.
The bottom line to this is that ASK is about evangelism.
David is taking up a new gospel opportunity in Newcastle, NSW, whilst continuing to work for ENC, until his new visa is approved. At that point he hopes to become the minister of Hamilton Presbyterian Church in Newcastle – seeking to revitalise the Church and make it a centre for evangelism and outreach in the area.
The media work will continue separately. ENC will continue to manage the ASK bank account which will fund the media ministry, including production costs, travel etc. Current projects will continue. This includes the Wee Flea website, the Quantum podcast, the Bible study You Tube videos, and the Job Movie project. We are looking at ways of integrating these, plus some new ventures such as evangelistic TikTok, interviews and radio shows. The ASK website has been closed.

David Robertson

David Robertson, ASK Director, was born in 1962 and educated at the University of Edinburgh and the Free Church College. He was minister of Brora Free Church from 1986 to 1992 and of St Peters Free Church, Dundee from 1992 -2019. He is married to Annabel, a senior mental health social worker, and they have three children and five grandchildren (their daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren are in the Blue Mountains in NSW). 

Support ASK in Prayer

I know that everyone says this, but it still remains true. Prayer is the work. Unless the Lord opens the doors, we are wasting our time. Unless the Lord builds the house the builders labour in vain.  (Ps 127:1). Ask the Lord for guidance, the Spirit, wisdom, strength.

You can also chip in with your constructive criticisms and questions. I have been on a steep learning curve, and I still have a lot to learn.


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If you would like to support this evangelistic work, please click the DONATE NOW button above, or use the form below. All money donated to the ENC ASK media account will be used specifically for this work. None will be used by the Hamilton church or Sydney Anglicans. All support is gratefully appreciated!

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