Just Start Talking Course Kit – DVD and 5 workbooks




To know Jesus is to have the most amazing relationship of all.

But strangely for many Christians, sharing our faith in Jesus, the very thing that should be so natural, has become difficult and even discouraging.

We’re shy. We’re fearful. We’re plagued by feelings of inadequacy.

Well it’s time to Just Start Talking!


Just Start Talking is a 3 week course (DVD and workbook)  designed to give you the tools and confidence to introduce Jesus into your conversations in a natural and confident way. Set aside one hour a week to come together in either a large gathering, a small study group or with just a few friends in your home.

In the video interviews, some Christians talk honestly about their fears and past experiences that hold them back, others say they felt inadequate and lacked the confidence to communicate, while others feared rejection and ridicule. This course is for ordinary Christians ” including the shy, the fearful and the tongue-tied among us. Presented by well-known Australian Christians, Colin Buchanan and Samantha Boog, short DVD segments are followed by workshop exercises for the viewers. The DVD is well edited and utilises a variety of interesting locations and the ‘menu’ is clearly set out and easy to navigate. Most of the visual segments are one to four minutes and move the discussion along at an efficient and effective pace.

The layout of the workbook (co-authored by Lesley Ramsay and Baden Stace) allows the group to progress smoothly through the written and visual material each week. In the appendices, they have also included a helpful summary of the essential points of the gospel as an assistance to memorisation and understanding

The two-page list of further resources (websites, course, books and tracts) together with full contact details as to where to buy them, is most helpful. The last two pages consist of notes for the leader and the session timing sheet.

It’s all there in one little booklet and one DVD. There is nothing else to obtain. The DVD even has a two-minute promo (which includes some words from John Chapman) inviting people to join in doing the course. Just Start Talking is indeed a self-paced, self-explanatory training tool ” with no preparation needed. All you need to do is secure a venue and invite attendees along.