Vine Church

Vine Church is all about Jesus. Our dream is to see more people worshipping Jesus in church on Sunday than at the Beresford Hotel next door on a Saturday night. Vine Church is an Anglican church in Surry Hills with a mission to connect people to the life, love and freedom Jesus offers.

Vine Church started in 2011 when Toby and Liz Neal gathered a group of 16 friends to meet together as an ENC church plant in one of Sydney’s least religious areas. They begun with the conviction that while inner city people are not interested in religion, Jesus Christ has not stopped being relevant. Since 2011, Vine Church has grown to be a vibrant inner city church known for its warm community life and its unique voice in the way it converses with our city about Jesus.

In 2015 Vine Church and St Michael’s merged with a common vision to reach our city with the good news of Jesus. Our current double-barrel name reflects some of the complexity blended families experience when they commit to one another for a common purpose.