Ministry to Muslims Network

Ministry to Muslims (MTM) is a network of gospel workers who are proclaiming Christ in the Muslim communities of Sydney, making disciples and seeing small churches form.

We want every Muslim in Sydney to have the opportunity to encounter the good news of Jesus Messiah.

MTM is a network of gospel workers who are proclaiming Christ in the Muslim communities of Sydney, making disciples and seeing small churches form. We are a ministry network under the umbrella of ENC.

In God’s wisdom, he has brought the nations to us in Australia. The need and opportunity to reach the nations on our doorstep is great. There are now more than 330,000 Muslims in Sydney and their population is growing rapidly. For many years, Sydney churches lacked the initiative and know-how to reach out to Muslims and effectively disciple them. Ministry to Muslims (MTM) has sought to learn, innovate, establish new ministries and partner with existing churches to spur on ministry to Muslims.


Our Aims

We are committed to faithfully proclaiming the gospel of Jesus the Messiah, that faith in him as Lord and as Saviour is the only way into God’s Kingdom and to eternal life. We do this in relationships of respect and trust, marked by loving service and gentle but clear explanations of the Holy Scriptures.

MTM’s Aims:

  1. Praying for Muslim people to come to Jesus
  2. Proclaiming the gospel amongst Muslim people
  3. Discipling believers from Muslim background
  4. Promoting wise and loving interaction with Muslims among Christians in Sydney
  5. Recruiting gospel workers for these tasks
  6. Training workers in disciple-making ministries amongst Muslim people
  7. Supporting existing workers to persevere and thrive in ministry
  8. Developing partnership and support for workers


MTM is made up of over twenty gospel workers who are working to make Christ known amongst Muslims in Sydney. These workers serve in different settings from working for established churches, to connecting with people in the community, to training students in a university context!

Meet two of our workers…


Rachael is part of the MTM network and has been sharing Jesus with Muslim friends in Sydney for 15 years. Rachael is convicted of the centrality and power of prayer and organises regular gatherings for brothers and sisters to pray for Muslims to meet Jesus. She connects with hundreds of women from her local community via an ESL class, playgroup, food pantry and a regular community BBQ. Rachael visits these women and their families (especially at significant times such as Eid). She has the privilege of reading the Scriptures with Muslim women in their homes, praying with and for them, and discipling women who are moving towards Christ.

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Chris is on staff with a university Christian group in Sydney. His particular focus is on training Christian students to reach out to their Muslim classmates. Over the years, countless students have been pushed to consider serving Jesus in less reached, less resourced areas. For example, one past student is now serving Jesus as a long term cross-cultural worker in the Middle East. Another past student intentionally moved to a Muslim-rich area in Sydney to serve a local church and be a light to his neighbors. One incredible blessing for Chris was seeing a Muslim student named Ali* come to Christ. All these years later, Ali is faithfully following and growing in Christ. He is sharing the gospel with his friends and family and now a member of the MTM network.

*Names changed

Support MTM

Our prayer is that every Muslim person in Sydney will have an encounter with the Jesus of the gospels. Your generous support of MTM will help support our workers in making Christ known and discipling believers from Muslim backgrounds.