Ministry to Roman Catholics

Helping people share the good news about Jesus with people from a Roman Catholic background.

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert works for Certainty4Eternity, an organisation established to help churches share the gospel with people from a Roman Catholic background. Mark grew up as a committed Roman Catholic, but despite this did not hear the gospel until he started university. He trained as a doctor before retraining as a minister, and has served in Anglican churches in Sydney since 2000. He currently works as an evangelist on the Northern Beaches. Mark has published a number of resources with Matthias Media to help people share the good news about Jesus with people from a Roman Catholic background including The God Who Saves, The Road Once Travelled and Stepping Out in Faith.

Almost everyone in Sydney knows someone from a Roman Catholic background...

In Sydney and the Illawarra region, over 1.2 million have a Roman Catholic background. Catholics educate more than a quarter of school students and run two universities. Almost everyone in Sydney would know someone with a Roman Catholic background.

Yet conversations about Jesus can be tricky. Protestants and Catholics use words like Faith, Grace and Salvation differently. Catholics and Protestants have different cultures and worldviews.

Certainty4Eternity and ENC work together to help you have great conversations about Jesus with Catholics in your life and your church. We seek to help those Catholics whom you love to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

We do this by:

  • Recruiting – Calling people to join us in evangelism and discipleship of people from a Catholic background.
  • Equipping – Providing training and resources to help you
  • Strengthening – Working in partnership with ministries around the world engaged in similar work
  • Deploying – Providing opportunities and ministries for people to do Catholic evangelism and discipleship long term

For more information or to invite us to your church, email