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Since the truth of Yesu (Jesus) is yet unknown to many from the Hindu world, we want to see tides of South Asians come to know Jesus in Australia.

Since the truth of Yesu (Jesus) is yet unknown to many from the Hindu world, we want to see tides of South Asians come to know Jesus in Australia.

South Asian cultures are diverse, though many use a similar word for truth: satya. We want to see tides of South Asians come to know Jesus in Australia. Formerly known by Subbies or Sub-Continental Ministry, the SATYA Network invites you to grow your understanding and love for the largest group of Aussie migrants in the 2020’s through engaging with us. 

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Ben George

Ben was born in Malaysia, of South Indian heritage. For the first part of his life, he went to a South Indian church in Sydney. He is passionate about reaching people from all nations with the good news of Jesus and is especially excited about the current opportunities in Sydney and Australia to share Jesus with South Asian Hindus.

Ben is currently serving as an Assistant Minister at Auburn & Newington Anglican Churches in the Sydney Anglican Diocese and is the chair of the SATYA network.

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Clive B

Clive is married to Sarah and they have three boys. Ever since studying at UNSW, he has been praying and thinking about reaching out to people from South Asian backgrounds with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the latest census shows, Indians are now the largest non-Western people group coming to Australia. The mission field is bigger than ever before!

Since May 2023, Clive has been working under Evangelism and New Churches to equip churches in Sydney to reach out to Hindus and other South Asians with the gospel.

He works within the SATYA network to run training workshops, mentor key leaders, build prayer and outreach teams and develop mission programs to reach the lost. He also helps to develop the annual Hindu Prayer Guide and SATYA conference.

Hindu Outreach Resoures

Hindu World Prayer Guide

Join Christians around the world in prayer ​for our one billion neighbours.
Prayer is the lifeblood of the SATYA network. We know that our work can't achieve anything unless God wills it. So we ask you to join us in praying that the gospel goes out to South Asians and many new disciples will be raised up to work in this ripe harvest field.
Please pray for gospel work to South Asians in Sydney and Australia, but also beyond! One way to do this is through praying for Hindus around the world via the Hindu Prayer Guide.


Thank you so much for your partnership with us through prayer.

Support SATYA Network

The 2023 census shows that South Asians are now the largest non-Western people group coming to Australia. This is especially the case for Indians and Nepalese. The mission field is bigger than ever before!

The SATYA committee need your financial generosity in order to equip churches and organisations in Sydney and beyond to reach the millions of South Asian people with the gospel of Jesus, and disciple new followers of Jesus.

If you have questions, please contact The Rev Ben P George, SATYA Chairman at

Your financial giving will go towards:

  1. SATYA Annual Conferences - This will help us bring in speakers and facilitate networking amongst cross cultural evangelists and ministry workers who have a yearning to reach South Asians, especially those from a Hindu background.
  2. Supporting Clive Buultjens - Giving towards Clive's stipend will free him up to develop mission programs, train churches, mentor key leaders, and evangelise South Asian peoples. The creation and filling of this role has been a long time prayer for many who have been concerned for South Asians Hindus to meet Jesus.
  3. Ministry Trainees - We are praying that the Lord might raise up ministry trainees from 2024, who will work alongside the SATYA network to be equipped for gospel ministry. This will include a focus on cross cultural ministry to South Asians and Hindus. Financially contributing here will allow us to grow a fund to alleviate some of the costs of these future trainees, as they aim to support raise the majority of their stipend during their traineeship.
  4. General Expenses - The SATYA network will incur general expenses as we partner with churches, organisations, and individuals. This includes expenses for MentAC sessions, training and development budget to keep updated with mission thinking in this space, and so much more! Contributing to general expenses will also allow us to prayerfully expand the way in which we train and equip people for evangelism and discipleship into the future.