Community Chaplains

ENC has partnered with Mary Andrews College, Anglicare, SMBC and Moore College to enhance pastoral care and evangelism training in Sydney and beyond. We have a high view of the Bible and encourage those who participate in our courses to read the Scripture and spend time reflecting on it in light of their service of Jesus, particularly within a pastoral care context.

What is Community Chaplaincy?

ENC Community Chaplains are volunteers who

  • Have completed ENC’s minimal theological and practical training requirements
  • Are supported in the role of Community Chaplain by their local church
  • Use the role of Community Chaplain to minister specifically to their local community (not church community)
  • Have an active faith and are engaged in the life of their local church
  • Have a heart for sharing the Good News of Jesus

What do Community Chaplains do?

ENC Community Chaplains have the gifts, training, desire and opportunity to

  • Connect with people as they engage in everyday community activities - such as sports, hobbies, playgroups, ESL, walking groups, court support etc
  • Listen well and provide encouragement
  • Share the gospel as appropriate
  • Provide resources to meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of people

What do I need to do to become a Community Chaplain?

To receive the Community Chaplaincy Award:

Step 1: Complete Academic and Practical Requirements – see below.

Step 2: Obtain Working with Children Check number.

Step 3: Obtain personal reference from ministry leader and email us to arrange an interview.

Step 4: Interview with ENC

Step 5: Receive Community Chaplaincy Award

Step 6: Authorisation with the Diocese, through your local parish.

Options for Academic (A) and Practical (P)
Entry Level Requirements

Moore College

PTC (Four subjects) A


Conversational Evangelism   P


Introductory Pastoral Care (IPC)   P

Mary Andrews College (MAC)

Certificate in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Care


Biblical Overview or NT + OT Units
Pastoral Care Units P

Timothy Partnership
Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA)
Levels 1-3 Sports Chaplaincy P


community chaplains photo 2

Mark's Story

Yesterday I was reading Matthew 24 when his disciples ask Jesus, privately, "what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?" Jesus doesn't sugar-coat the message, amongst other things he says, "... they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my names sake ... and this gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come"

It got me thinking ... things were tough for those first disciples of Jesus and most of them were killed because of their faith in Jesus ... and the Gospel spread ... and things are tough for Christians today ... and the Gospel continues to spread.

Later in the chapter Jesus tells the disciples that they won't know when he will return. Just like it was in Noah's day with the flood, his disciples need to live as if the master could return at any time.
I found that helpful as I reflected on the sad ending to the NSW State Titles...

On the Saturday night of the final weekend of the carnival, at my local beach and one of the beaches hosting the State Titles, Freshwater, three 18 yo boys entered the surf and only two came out. A search was conducted overnight and on Sunday morning a boy's body was retrieved from the water, just beyond the breakers in front of hundreds of people. As one of the Chaplains I was unable to be there to help because on Saturday night I was diagnosed with COVID and was in lockdown. But God had it all in hand. Two of the chaplains we've been training up, Andrea and Ken were there to offer support in Jesus' name and Rich, the Chaplain from Queenscliff, was able to finish running the Chaplaincy tent at the State Titles.
I found Matthew 24 helpful because it was an accurate description of what ministry is like until Jesus returns. We do continue to face trials and troubles, hatred and opposition - not many of us in Australia face death - but at the same time the gospel spreads.

During the 3 weeks of the State Titles I had the privilege to see over 30 people receive Bibles, mostly teenagers, some parents asking for one for their kids, some curious people wanting one. I had the opportunity to hear from Christians who had been serving as visible Christians in their clubs for decades, I even met an 80 y.o. man who wants to become a Chaplain for his club! I heard of the opposition Christians and Chaplains were facing in their clubs, I got to talk with lifesavers who had difficult religious upbringings but still had a heart for Jesus, I got to speak to a teenager who had a Christian grandfather and who goes to a Catholic school. He wanted a Bible and had lots of questions about Jesus.

Serving in Jesus' name is difficult and there will always be trials, hatred and opposition and the Gospel will always grow until Jesus returns.

Please continue to pray for this gospel growth within surf lifesaving communities and for Christians in these communities to keep trusting Jesus.